Tricky Crew Awareness Scenarios

Testing Competencies Attitudes (and) Skills

Ten Crazy Awful Simulations

Terrible Creations Aimed (at) Safety

What are these?

We didn’t know what to call them. They are scenarios, situations, questions which can lead to discussions and debates, new conversations (and maybe a few heated arguments).

They are (hopefully) things to get folk talking, learning, thinking and developing their ‘human’ skills.

How to use them

Use them how you like. We recommend:

  • Thinking about how you would deal with it
  • Printing them out and give them to others
  • Sharing some ideas on the forum
  • Sharing your “how would you deal with this?” situation on the forum
  • Whacking one into a newsletter to get others talking about them
  • Using one during a CRM day, an interview, a command development day, any training thing

TELL ME: Read an investigation ‘report’ and think about the questions.  TAGS: Competencies, Safety, CRM

TELL ME: Think through a scenario and how you would deal with it.  TAGS: Competencies, Safety, CRM, Human Stuff

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