What’s this all about then?

Welcome to this place. Or space. Actually, both.

It is a place for the RECKless, and a space which we are hoping you can help fill…

What needs filling?

That space between Safety and Danger, where all of us operate pretty much all of the time.

Filled with what?

arranged paper clips around an eraser

important operational stuff, safety things, human bits…

gray airplane control panel

not just the theory. Not just a list of things you should do, but how to do those things…

airplane contrails

in simple, black and white, plain English. Nothing fancy, just written so you can use it.

Uh huh? Still not following…..

Head into our SPACE and read some more on it.

Basically, we don’t think SAFETY is some end state that you either ‘are or aren’t’, but something we all aim towards on a daily basis. And we don’t think there just one solution that fits all.

We think it is a whole big puzzle of different parts – Human factors things, ops things, changing conversations, procedures, regulations, training, reflecting, learning, solving – all mixed and mashed together to help guide us TOWARDS SAFETY?

But sometimes everyone forgets
And that’s when we see confusing regulations, legal speak, too much information thrown at us to ‘help’ us BE SAFE. We want to take all of that, pick out the bits you really need to know and make it easier, simpler, more practical.

And we think the human bit should be right in the middle
Yeah, humans. Those ridiculous creatures that have squishy brains and sticky emotions and who get things wrong, or not right, or sort of right but could be better a whole load of the time. We think HUMANS are right there in the middle of the SPACE slipping and sliding between SAFETY and DANGER.

Don’t get mad!
Please don’t. We’re not trying to insult anyone here. We think humans are awesome. We fix stuff, solve stuff, innovate and create all the time.For every accident attributed to Human Factors there are probably 10,000 things that didn’t become an accident because of the human involvement.

So we think the need to be talked about in the middle of it all. We think regulations should be written for them to use. We think we should stop separating out the human factors, and instead talk about HUMAN FOCUS!

Which brings us back to this place and its space

We think the best learning comes from talking – sharing experiences, stories, questions and insights, thinking about how that threat could be mitigated, or that risk could be trapped. Talking about the real, practical stuff, learning from each other (and each other’s silly mistakes)

But so many people, pilots, operators are RECKless…


Lacking (access to) Resources, Experience, Connections or Knowledge.

We want to fill the space with those things!

By using real humans and having them share stuff other humans can really use while being human!

So the Aviation Place is filled with resources. Practical ones like stories from other pilots, scenarios you can think about, questions to answer, forums to have real conversations on, and stuff you (a pilot) or you (an operator) can use to help fill the SPACE.

‘The average airline pilot in the world’

We asked AI, AI drew this. We don’t think there is an ‘average pilot. Although we do think a lot of pilots are average, and we also think that is totally OK!

This is the only frivolous picture on the website. We want to give information that is plain, simple, black & white and confusion free. The are some pictures, because sometimes a picture paints a 1000 words.

What’s in this PLACE?

The Space Between

The ‘story’ behind The Aviation Place and what we are hoping to achieve with it.

We think the space between Danger and Safety is what actually matter, and we want to help increase it for you.

Help with being a Human Being

Find ideas, insights, stories and resources to help build better CRM, competencies and general good human stuff.

No SHELL models. Useful stuff.

AV it your way

This is a forum for connecting and conversing, where you can share ideas and insights, ask questions and offer answers.

We want to try an improve how information is shared, and create a space where you can have the conversations you need.


Answers, information and insights, written in B&W, clear and simple text because knowledge is a great thing. We focus on the big stuff you probably always need to know.

More FAQ Ops = less Fk Ups.


Tricky Crew Awareness Scenarios. Because who doesn’t love a good acronym in aviation.

Scenarios to get you thinking, questioning, practicing, improving, trying and talking.

The Discovery Space

We aren’t alone in Aviation, and it is the community, the connections, collaborations and fun adventures which we think makes the whole industry so epic.

This is the spot to discover what else is out there, or to share what you have to share.

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