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This page is all about discovering cool things, weird things, funny things, useful things and exciting things.

Because we Aviation is awesome, and sharing all the things that make it so great helps inspire, motivate and bring the HUMANS together more.

So we’ve found a load of things which we think you might like to know about. Things like random facts to amuse, ways to connect with others in the industry, tips for finding adventure on your layovers and reminders about the good things aviation does in the world.


If you have a THING you wanted added to this space then get in touch: team@theaviationplace.space

Discover Things: Interesting Stuff & History

Random news, knowledge things in the aviation world which we thought you might like to know about

  • Here’s a post about Higher Altitude Airspace just because we find it interesting and thought you might too.
  • We watched ‘Plane’ starring Gerard Butler. We rate it 6/10 for ‘edge of the seat action’ but more importantly 10/10 for making us laugh (and yell!) at the total inaccuracy of all the aviation scenes.
  • We read ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman and have definitely changed how we make decisions. A good one if you’re thinking about CRM stuff like decision making and biases.

Discover Connections: Events and People

Use the forum to make more!


  • International Conference on Air Traffic and Aviation Management | June 05-06 | Held in NY
  • Paris Airshow | June 19-25 | If you will be there then let folk know via the forum
  • IATA Focus Africa | June 20-21 | Held in Addis Ababa, this will help connect folk across the industry

Discover Adventure: Trip Tips

Share yours! Build community, connections and that aviation adventure spirit

  • Little Big Adventure Issue #1 | London

Discover Good things: Charity #1

Aviation isn’t just about flying from A to B. It connects people, countries, cultures and ideas. It also, often, provides aid and help too. Here are ones we like.

PilotsnPaws is an organisation worth knowing about

Discover Art: Aviation Photography

Because pilots see cool things and we know a lot of budding photographers are out there. These are just stock photos though. Share yours with team@theaviationplace.space

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