Everything in the entire place is in this space

This website is made for the RECKless

“I’m not reckless…”

We don’t mean’t reckless, we mean RECKless (because who doesn’t love a good acronym in aviation?). This site has been created for pilots, individuals, operators who need a little support in finding:

  • Resources?
  • Experience
  • Connections
  • Knowledge

We don’t want anyone to be RECKless, which is why we made this site.

Terrible sales pitch over

So is the terrible acronym.

But we did create this to help, because we think HUMANS are right in the middle of the SPACE between SAFETY and DANGER!

Humans and our ‘factors‘ are integrating, implementing and impacting all of it. So we really should be talking about all things human as the centre of our safety discussions, properly, in the context of our operations and not as some side note.

“Oh yeah, human factors, great stuff, let’s look at that tomorrow, in a totally separate classroom to all this…”

What do we really mean?

We mean we should be putting people at the centre of it all. Less ‘human factors’ and more ‘human’ full stop.

Proper conversations in plain English. Procedures and regulations written practically and simply so they can be used. More understanding of the human role within operation. A focus on the HUMANS that make aviation work.

The Aviation Place

So this SPACE is about providing RESOURCES to help you and your operation head away from danger and towards safety. It is for sharing EXPERIENCES, building CONNECTIONS to enable all operators big and small to improve safety in the industry, and sharing and developing KNOWLEDGE on the ways and processes that will help do all of this.

We want to help you find the direction that is for you and your operation by talking about the things that need talking about, in a way that is clear and simple, understandable and useable, practicable and persony (human).

Because we don’t want anyone to be RECKless.

Everything. From everywhere.

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