It was a suspected military satellite test this time

Nothing to see…

No new news here. North Korea have once again fired something without providing a huge amount of warning.

Yes, you did read write – I said not a huge amount of warning – because, on this occasion, they did provide some warning to their neighbours.

A limited timeframe of November 22 – December 1 was provided for the planned launch. The actual launch however went ahead on November 21.

Was there any impact?

Japanese authorities briefly issued emergency orders for Okinawa, but it was rescinded.

The projectile itself was launched from the far northwestern region of North Korea, and is reported to have landed in the Pacific Ocean close to Seoul’s Baengnyeong Island.

The Island lies close to the border with North Korea, in the Yellow Sea to the west. It serves as an intelligence base for South Korea due to its proximity to the northern limit line.

The path would not have crossed any civilian aircraft flight paths save for those within North Korea’s own airspace. The region where the projectile fell is within a restricted region, however it lies close to airways Y697-G597 and Y644.

Source: SkyVector

The warnings?

RJJJ/Fukuoka and RKRR/Incheon notams were both issued prior to the launch.

Issued 0513 on 21/11/23. Source: FAA Notams

Look out…

A warning for additional similar launches and tests has been issued.

If operating in the region:

  • Check NOTAMs for advance warning
  • Listen out on 121.5
  • Follow ATC instructions at all times
  • Ensure navigation accuracy and inform ATC if degraded
  • Do not detour close to prohibited/restricted areas, or close to regions marked as potential debris zones
  • Do not consider diversions or entry into North Korean airspace for any reason

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