There is a whole load to be learned from reviewing accident investigation reports…

… if you can ask the right questions.

What this review will do

This ‘review’ has picked out some of the really human things which contributed to the accident, and aims to lead you through a story based on the events, but with the purpose of allowing you to put yourself into the situation so you can think about how those human factors might be human factors which could impact you, your operations and your safety.

You can read it on your own, use it as part of a CRM day conversation with multiple crew, or just head straight to the last page where there are some questions and just think about these while reading the actual accident investigation report.

You can also contuse the discussion in the FORUM if you want to.

While you might not fly that specific aircraft type, to that specific airport, under those conditions, each of the individual factors which led to or contributed to the event are ones which we could all encounter in our own operations.

Transair Flight 810

You can access the OFFICIAL REPORT here on the official website, or here (one I downloaded earlier).

The DOWNLOAD here is designed to be used as an individual review or to run in a CRM session, to get crew to dig into some of the human factors involved and ask how they might impact them, in their operations. It can be read alone or alongside the full report.

How to read reports

Here’s something I made earlier, in case you might find it handy or interesting.

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  1. Khalid avatar

    Nice illustration.
    You made sound easy to follow and understand

    I read the report for dummies, nice one. 👍

    Keep up the good work 👏

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