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VIDP/Delhi is getting a new runway. Here is a snapshot of the airport, what’s changing (and some other handy things)

Delhi, now

VIDP, known as Indira Gandhi airport, is a major international airport serving the northern part of India.

It currently has 3 operational runways. 10/28 (considered the main runway) is 3813m and have CAT II/III capability. 11R/29L is 4430m and also CATII/III. 09/27 is 2816m and CAT I only.

VIDP also offers a major alternate option for aircraft operating into challenging Nepalese and Pakistan airports, and central and southerly Indian airports more susceptible to monsoon weather challenges.

VIJP/Jaipur is the closest major international airport offering an alternate to Delhi. VABB/Mumbai, VECC/Kolkata and VOHS/Hyderabad are also major airports (runway >3000m, major maintenance and ground support capabilities).

A mini mention of the monsoon

Monsoon season in India runs from around June to September and A LOT of rain falls during it. The southwest monsoon is the one that brings the epic(ly challenging) weather.

Delhi can see around 797mm of rain (that’s nearly 32 inches), and it is hot and humid.

Its general weather ranges from lows of 8°C in the winter to summer highs of 40°C. Aside from the cloud during monsoon, it is a surprisingly clear area… clear of cloud. Not clear of the fog/smog/low vis which can arise from bad air pollution. Wind can be pretty variable, but it seems to sort of favour westerlies for around 8 months of the year.

FYI: Mumbai wins for monsoonyness.

To track all things Indian Monsoon, this spot is a good one.

Delhi, soon

Delhi will become the first airport in India to have 4 runways, increasing its capacity by around 10%.

Once fully open and operational, the runways will be used for parallel departures and arrivals, with flow control to and from the northerly or southerly runways depending on routings. Hopefully it all leads to better managed airspace and efficiency overall.

It won’t all happen at once though – when the new 11L/29R opens in September 2023, 10/28 will shut for recarpeting (which will probably be completed start of 2024). 11R/29L will shut for a couple of months from around March 2024 for minor repairs.

The full four runway service will start around June 2024.

Airport Snapshot

The Snapshot gives some general info, threat info and summarises some details on the new runway (with the worst ‘diagram’ of whee the new runway, taxiway and terminal will be. I am sure I don’t need to say this but… not for operational use!)

I would love to add some ADVENTURE insights here too, but I have never been to Delhi. So if you have, and have adventure insights you can share then email Fun things to do, community things to do, safety and security tips or anything else you think people might find handy to hear about!

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