Pro Resource: Not getting Threat and Error Management? Watch this

Competencies: Situational Awareness, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Communication, Teamwork and Leadership

We think this is great

This is everything that is right about Threat and Error management (simple, understandable, useful) explained in the best possible way (with a whole load of humour!)

So if you are struggling to grasp the concept of TEM, then take a watch, share it to those who might find it handy, or get in touch with he wise man who made it for more support on all things understanding TEM.

Threat and Error Management and YOU

Owen Sims is an Aviation Senior Lecturer | Simulator Instructor/Examiner | International Conference Speaker with 20 years experience as an airline pilots, 10years as an aircraft and simulator trainer, and a qualified human factors and CRM trainer.

Someone worth listening to!

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