This game is aimed at all the new pilots out there

A game? Is it fun?

Well, I think so.

It is actually a (shameless) copy of a card game which I love playing called The Lost Expedition (click there to head to Amazon to buy it).

Why have I turned it into a lame aviation version of a game then?

Well, because it is fun, but also because I reckoned it could help get folk thinking a little more about workload management, prioritisation of tasks and events, all the possible threats and risks in aviation

And because it was fun making it!

So what is the game?

It is a strategy and luck based card game where you must lead your crew and airplane through a series of events which take place on each sector, and try to get them all home safely.

Like any good game it is totally incomprehensible to anyone except the inventor, which is why all game inventors now make videos of themselves playing said game on YouTube to demonstrate it.

I have not made a video. There are a lot of notes at the start of the game. Or you can google ‘How to play the Lost Expedition’ because, like I said, mine it a complete rip off*

*Please don’t sue me, Osprey Games, makers of the real game. I made it for educational purposes because your game is so awesome, and I don’t think there is ANY risk of people preferring mine to yours, they have to print it themselves and I have zero artistic talent. If anything, mine might make more people go buy yours – which I recommend actually! By far the best card game I have played and the cards are works of art!

Play it!

You do have to print it out yourself, sorry about that.

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