We mean Pilot Safety Cards.


“What is a ‘Pilot Safety Card’?” we hear you ask?

It is a card that is designed to help you with you that stuff you got to do but in a helpful practical way.


Tell me more?

You hear it all the time – in sims, in line checks.

“Make sure you intervene!”

“Ask, Suggest, Direct, Takeover if you need to!”

But how often do you actually get told HOW to do those things? What it really MEANS if you take control from the other pilot?

I reckon not they often at all, and I reckon folk think about it, practically, even less.


So this card will fix it for me?

No, not really. It is more a reminder, refresher, suggestion, insight, ideas sort of a thing.

It is (hopefully) something to get you thinking about what it means to have no time or lots of time, how to stop a situation evolving, other factors that might help, other threats that might creep in…


Pilot Safety Cards.

These are designed to help.

  • You can print them off, carry them with you and use them to brief yourself, or de-brief yourself now and then
  • You can leave them (subtlely) in the bag of other pilots who you think might benefit from them
  • You can just have them as a brief reminder to refresh you on stuff.
  • You can scribble all over it, turn it into origami or burn it for fuel if you want. However it helps…



Pilot Safety Card: Intervention

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