Not just how to read them, but how to actually learn a little from them.



I know how to read already!

I am sure you do. Here you are, after all, reading this. I suppose a better way of saying it would be, how to understand what you’re reading.

Actually no, not even that. More, how to learn a bit of ‘human stuff’ that you can use, yourself, from reading them.

Let me give you an example.

If you read an accident report about, I dunno, that ATR-72 that the crew managed to bounce of the water (yeah, really happened, very scary read), you’ll probably come away from it thinking one or two things.

Things like:

  • Urgh, that was really long and there was loads of technical stuff in it, I actually gave up on page 35
  • I don’t fly an ATR-72 in that area of the world so not that relevant to me
  • I’m not an absolute ***** so that could definitely not be something I would ever do

But the thing is, you very much can learn a whole load about you, humans, pilot stuff, from reading even the most bizarre/excruciating/technical/awful report because every report does, somewhere within it, contain a whole load of squishy human related stuff:

  • You just have to know how to find it
  • You have to know how to think about it in terms of your operation
  • You have to get past the judgement of what they did, and ask ‘could I do things that potentially could lead me to that point?’

You doubt me still?

Well, then read the book! It’s free and it has some amusing pictures in it.

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